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The Altar- A sacred space as unique as the individual who creates it. The Altar is an extension of self, a space to express devotion to your chosen deities, awaken parts of yourself through divine connection, and a place to connect to the bloodlines of our past.


However elaborate or simple your Altar may be, there is no questioning its sacredness. Altars should be cleansed and tended to with equally sacred ingredients that will work with the energy and intentions placed there.


•An organic botanical blend of essential oils, witch-crafted in ritual for cleansing and purifying your sacred spaces and ritual accoutrements. All oils chosen for this blend promote spiritual cleansing, consecration, and hold purifying qualities to refresh and renew your place of power. These are herbs that have been worked with for centuries for their magical properties and ties to Spirit. The New Moon is when I enjoy cleaning my Altars. It sets the tone for a fresh lunar cycle of ritual and honoring. The New Moon is also the time that I create this offering.


The oils chosen to work with for this blend are Frankincense, Myrrh, and Hyssop, blended in distilled Rue water. I have also added Quartz and Tourmaline for their protective and cleansing properties.


This blend is also useful for hex breaking and clearing out stagnant destructive energy from sacred spaces, self, and others with permission. Useful for crystal cleaning, and other non water sensitive ritual implements.


For those that would like guidance for cleaning your Altars: Begin by thanking your sacred space for its service throughout the previous lunar cycle and start clearing all items off. Spray your space with the Altar wash in a clockwise circular motion until clean. As you place your magical items back to their chosen spaces, gentle spray and cleanse each one. If it’s too water sensitive, cleanse it with breath and move on. I also refresh perishable items at this time as well.






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