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See the Unseen, previously Third eye revival is meant to open the mind to see what is really meant to be seen with new clarity and keen sight. Witchcrafted with finest organic essential oils and organic herbs, some of which are homegrown in my magical garden. These powerfully eye opening and mind expanding ingredients are Spikenard; revered by the ancient Egyptians to awaken the mind before ritual and dream work, as well as Anise, Jasmine, Rosemary, Peppermint, Cinnamon, and Mugwort.

♦Special Instructions♦

This oil is best worked with during meditation or other relaxed states. Find a quiet place to sit while envisioning your third eye fully awake and fully aware. Apply a very small amount of your oil to your third eye chakra and massage in a clockwise circular motion. Then Apply your oil to the palm of your left hand. In esoteric philosophy the left hand receives psychic energy and the right hand puts it forth. So, place your right hand upon your head while holding out your receiving left hand to welcome the knowledge. You should feel a slight tingling sensation enter your third eye as well as your left hand. Be patient with this process and make this a daily practice until you begin to see the ever present wisdom being given to you more clearly. This is a process that should continue even when fully awake, sacred knowledge is never ending and should always be welcomed. Once you feel that you have reached a state of awakening, you can shift to working with the oil once per week.

♦If you find yourself having trouble with this process, do not give up. Take a deep breath and begin again. This process is not an overnight immediate one. Awakening a clogged, clouded or even totally shut off third eye takes time and patience. You will begin to FEEL connected to the energy of all things, aware and alert to the messages and signs that are always shown to you, experiencing an activated Pineal gland, also known as the psychic gland. This gland is the key to becoming fully awakened and connected to our higher consciousness and more in tune with other realms. When we reach this state and turn it into a regular practice, we begin to see things more clearly through all senses, and we begin to open up to the guidance of our Ancestors and Spirit Guides.

SEE THE UNSEEN // Reawaken // Second Sight


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