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Shapeshifter is a Witchcrafted liquid cleansing smoke, created with essential oils and herbal soaked waters to transform and redirect stagnant negative energy into a more pleasant and protective energy. Created in ritual to aid in energy shifting rituals where smoke cannot be employed.

This powerful blend contains organic essential oils of Pine, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Vetiver, and Rue water. Crystal blessed with Amethyst. All meant to shield and equipped the wearer with protection and confidence. Spray just above your head down toward the body to shield your auric field.

Each herb has been chosen for its use in witchcraft to protect, cleanse and purify soul and sacred space.
Suitable for those that can’t burn herbs for traditional smoke cleaning.

You can use this before rituals and after rituals to cleanse yourself and your space.
This is wonderful for the car, office and works beautifully as an aura spray.

I love working with this spray for protecting my energy when I am working in large crowds. It works as a protective shield for the Empath and eases social anxiety.
This can be used to do cleansing ceremonies on friends and family who are also sensitive to negative or busy energy.
Sprayed on linens for protecting against nightmares.
Useful for any space.



SHAPESHIFTER / For Soul and Sacred Space Cleanse


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