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Connect and harness the powers of your inner Divine Feminine with this self care witch box. Indulge and embrace yourself. You are a strong and beautiful Goddess.

Included in the box:


🌙 Candle Serenity

🌙 A box of Seven Angels premium incense sticks

🌙 Goddess incense stick holder

🌙 Aphrodite handmade Soap

🌙 (4) Crystals: Garnet, Clear Quartz, Amazonite, Rose Quartz

🌙 Sacred Yoni Oil (moisturizing massage oil for the vagina)

🌙 3 chime candles (light purple, plum purple, pink)

🌙 Yoni Scrub for vagina

🌙 A spell to connect to your inner divine feminine

🌙 Crimson Moon Incense

🌙 Moon Tea blend

🌙 Menstrual Balance Oil

🌙 Sacred Feminine Salts

🌙 Sacred Feminine Wax Melts



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