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Our hair is said to be a direct connection to the soul, an extension of our spirit growing from our crown of power. Hair holds our thoughts, our memories, our deeds, and offers us a certain unseen sense of awareness. In many cultures it is unlucky to cut your hair, it is said that this cuts your power and connection to spirit. However, when one has gone through too much trauma, it is said that cutting the hair rids the spirit of the dangerous energy that keeps it in the trauma loop. Hair is so powerful in acts of witchcraft because it is directly connected to the spirit of the person, thus it can be worked with for healing, or other nefarious purposes. Either way, hair is an exceptional source of power and has a deep connection to our spirit and overall well-being. Just as you would nurture your spirit, so shall you nourish your hair. Aromatic oils have been adorning the heads of Queens and Kings, Priestesses and Priest, and so too shall they adorn yours if you wish to partake in the rituals of anointing with magically enchanted oils. My Hair and Body Enchanted oils are meant to bring ancient aromatic rituals to your daily life, reconnecting you with the sacredness of your holiest of temples, you!


Each time you engage in the act of self-care or self-love, you are awakening your divine sovereignty. These aromatic beauties are meant to enhance your personal power and care for your entire being from body to spirit. From the anointing of feet to the top of your crown. Remember your power and fall in love with the enchantments of the botanical world and the Fae Realm!


The Faerie Woman The Queen of the unseen floral meadows just beyond the eyes of mortal men is waiting to invite you into her enchanted realm. A fragrant breeze lulls you in and flowers bloom in your heart. Beyond the shroud of the patriarchy that tried to extinguish her, she waits with apple blossoms in her hair and fire in her heart to awaken the sleeping power within. Awaking inspiration for the soul of the world, the Faerie Woman lights the fire to the path of you reconnecting to the raw power of your inner and outer beauty, you sacred feminine/masculine life force. Bewitching and beguiling the eyes of mortal men to see the true beauty in the world beyond the veil of illusion that lay upon their heads. Her beauty rises up through the verdant landscape as the most bewitching fragrant flowers that enchant the senses of both human and the Sidhe. Wear her enchantments upon your head and see what magick the Faerie woman will bestow upon you.


Sung into existence with songs from the Fae realms, enchanted organic unrefined cold pressed oils, botanical extracts, and essential oils of Argan, Coconut, Rosehip, Pomegranate, Elder Flower, Hawthorn Flower, Night Blooming Jasmine, Orange Bloosom, Linden Flower, Damask Rose, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Lilac Enfleurage, and Fae Magick.


50ml Enchanted Faerie Bottle



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