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Mirall's Bruja is rooted in the belief that self care should be low maintenance and gratifying. Products are thoughtfully created in small batches, using only natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals, no fillers-just Mother Nature giving you exactly what you need.
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Whole plant, earth-centred alchemy
for skin and spirit.

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Organic Products are thoughtfully created in small batches, using only natural ingredients. No chemicals, no preservatives, no fillers-- just Mother Nature giving you exactly what you need.


Here at Mirall Bruja we want to bring a sense of magic and earthly tranquility to your home. When you make a purchase from Mirall Bruja, you're supporting a small, one-woman business.



Founder, Curator, Artist

Mirall Bruja was created from a deep need to connect the mundane, the natural world, and the magical world into daily rituals and practices to hold and honor the individual. I've taken great measures to work at the behest of the cosmos and alchemical principles to infuse each offering with as much potency and magic as I possibly can. Through this work, my hope is to connect people back to the plants, and back to their hearts. In body, mind and spirit.In the mystical realms, I've been studying the Occult and magical practices for over 15 years, with special interests towards the left hand path, the poison path and plant magic. I was indeed that little girl catching frogs, making potions with sticks and mud, and was a friend to all natural forms, a true animist from birth. 

The founder and creative director of this store is a Dolores Chanioti Las Palmas She started out her business by selling on Etsy, branched into making her own online store, then used her platform to grow and expand her business. She has a degrees from Basque Culinary Center and School of Evolutionary Herbalism and currently lives in Athens, GR.

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