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The Obsession and Domination Ritual Black Magic is for anyone who wants that effect and power over someone.

The effect could be similar to that of a puppet and its owner.


Andronicus was a gifted student of the dark arts, he fell in love with a very beautiful woman, but he had a face eaten away by smallpox, which is why the woman despised him.


Mad with love he made a very powerful spell, with which to bend the spirit of his beloved.


To do this, he conjured evil spirits and used powerful ritual magic.


Once the spell was over, the young woman was his, body and soul forever, her spirit chained to that of andronicus for eternity.

If you want your beloved to not be able to eat, breathe or live without thinking about you, I will take care of you remain in the thoughts of your beloved every second.


You will be desired as a drug by that person's heart.


The person will cry with desire for you, you will be his owner.


Your lover will be your slave, he will live for you.

He will do anything you want, just to see you smile.


A dark magic will upset this person and turn him into a submissive servant.


I have extensive experience casting this type of spell.


Trust and you will be granted that person's will.


Remember that it is black magic on which the work is going to be done, you should be grateful and respectful to it.


ATTENTION!! This black magic ritual is 100% safe for you, fear not. It will be done with the necessary protection so that it never interferes with your own energy in a harmful way.


Kit that comes into your hands contains:


All required magical materials Activated nominally Shattered Magic Words Detailed instructions As soon as you receive the package, contact us for any questions. There is full support absolutely free! Fortune telling is for everyone! A must for young entrepreneurs. With the guarantee of quality and effectiveness of mirall bruja


***if you don't want to do the spell yourself, let me know and I'll do it for you

Obsession and Domination Definitive Spell Black Magic Sorcery


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