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Queen of all given powers

unveiled clear light

unfailing woman wearing brilliance

cherished in heaven and earth

chosen, sanctified in heaven

You grand in your adornments

crowned with your beloved goodness

rightfully you are High Priestess

your hands seize the seven fixed powers

my queen of fundamental forces

guardian of essential cosmic sources

you lift up the elements

bind them to your hands

gather in your powers

press them to your breasts

-The High Priestess Enheduanna

Lady of the largest heart

keen for battle queen

joy of Annuna

eldest daughter of the Moon

in all lands supreme

tower among great rulers

queen of rare deeds

she gathers the mE

from heaven and earth

surpassing the great An

SHE of the gods has power

SHE executes their verdicts

before her matchless word

-by the High Priestess Enheduanna


This tea was created in devotion to Inanna on a Venus day

and hour. Hymns were sang to awaken Inanna within these

sacred herbs known to Her. It will continue to be created

during these sacred times to Inanna.


Organic herbal offerings of Blue Lotus, Pink Lotus, Yellow Lotus, Hibiscus,

Orange Peel, Spearmint, Rosehip, Jasmine, Persian Saffron,

Rose, Fig Leaves, and Dried Figs await your chosen vessel,

ready to honor Her and your sacred body temple.


You can leave your herbal offerings in a bowl to Inanna and

refresh them every full Moon. The remaining can nourish

house plants and outdoor gardens.


To drink as a devotional

offering to Inanna's path within you.

Add 1 tablespoon

tea strainer and let steep for at least 15 minutes before


Before drinking the tea, speak the hymn to Inanna

into the watery cup.






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