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Evil Eye Blue Salt is a powerful tool that can protect you from harm and unwanted energy. It's known to help with court proceedings, throat chakra, and send negative forces away for good. Representing the Element of Water, our Evil Eye Blue Salt can be placed under your bed for protection.

13 Moons' Evil Eye Blue Salt, is crafted and charged with intent under the Full Moon by our skilled Hedge Witch.

Evil Eye Blue Salt is crafted with a sacred union of blended herbs, oils and salts for ridding the evil eye and jealousy, repel negatives, uncrossing and unblocking, removing hexes and curses while increasing a barricade against negatives and invoking protection, good luck and success.

Bathing in salt charged during a full moon is often used as a way to protect against evil eye, which is believed to be caused by envious or spiteful glares cast on another person. Taking an evil eye bath with special salts charged under the influence of the full moon can help to ward off evil and undo any negative energy that has been directed at you. These baths can also be used to attract good luck and fortune.

Connect with the powers of the universe to evoke your intentions and desires. Ways to use our Evil Eye Blue Salt:

Ritual Bath
Sacred Circle
Dressing Candles
Place on altar in small bowl
Sprinkle a small amount in corners of home, doorways and windows

To make a powerful evil eye bath, simply fill your tub with warm water and add evil eye bath salts while visualizing positive outcomes and reassuring yourself that you are safe. Allow the water to drain away any evil. Exit bath with a brighter outlook and improved sense of wellbeing.

BLUE SALT | Evil Eye


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