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The body's eliminatory pathways are essential to health & vibrancy. Through the liver, lymphatic system, and skin, the body can metabolize useful compounds and discard the rest. But if these pathways aren't running optimally, a build-up of junk can ensue! that burden plays a part in a variety of maladies, from immune system dysregulation to eczema and more.

This herbal blend is formulated to support the body's eliminatory pathways, aiding them in detoxing our systems to the best of their ability. Burdock is a gentle tonic herb with an affinity to the liver. Cleavers, Red Clover & Calendula are stupendous lymph filterers & movers, helping to push along a system with no internal physiological "pump." Juicy blueberries lend a helping hand by packing an antioxidant punch, reducing free radicals & inhibiting cell damage. Help your body take out the trash, and kick toxins to the curb!



Take 2 droppers full 2x daily.



Ingredients: Cane Alcohol, Filtered Water, *Burdock root, *Cleavers leaf, *Red Clover leaf & flower, *Blueberries, *Calendula flower, Local honey.  


*Denotes home grown or wildcrafted


30ml glass bottle.



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