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The Realm of Spirit is not just an otherworldly dimension. It is also a place within us all, It can be seen in the natural shrines of Mother Nature, it can be heard upon the four winds, felt at the shores of the enchanting Sea, and seen in the eyes of another. It is a connection to all that is, was and so shall be and it is a place open to those that can feel the pulse of its gates.

This botanical blend is Witchcrafted during two Lunar phases, that of the Full (the light) and that of the New (the dark). Ancient hymns to summon spirit were sung to this blend during the hours of the Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and Mars. The main batch is held within a vessel that is regularly left offerings. This is to be burned to connect with the realm of Spirit during auspicious times of the year, when the veil between our world, and that of Spirit, is at its thinnest. These dates typically fall on Beltane and Samhain. This fragrant suffumigation will invoke the realm of spirit and allow you to pass through the veil of the otherworld and other realms of spirit, if you are to be permitted. It can also be burned throughout the year as an offering to honor and communicate with the dead, and other spirits of your choosing.

The wise plants employed for this blend hold a very ancient history of invoking, honoring, and working with the beloved dead and spirits. This includes organic and/or wild crafted ingredients of Wormwood, Rosemary, Applewood, Juniper Berry, Black Storax, Frankincense, and Anise. Held in a small corked 40g glass jar. Plastic free for Mother Nature in mind.

As the smoke begins to billow, pay close attention to the way it shapes itself. Symbols, people, animals, and plants may begin to appear, these will no doubt offer you guidance to decipher that which your own eyes and spirit will understand.

Connections made in these liminal spaces, both ancestral and divine, create a profound experience for spiritual growth, a remembrance, or reawakening of ones own power, and access to ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Please be responsible when working with the element of fire and smoke. Use a heat safe dish and be sure there is plenty of ventilation in the room. I recommend doing these rituals outside, connected to nature and the elements she offers. If working indoors, please open windows and do directly inhale the smoke.



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